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Support and fund raise on behalf of military-orientated charities

The Mitmark Foundation means Military to Market and is all about supporting former and serving members of the Armed Forces, Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies. This support is provided in a number of ways but specifically around business education.

The Foundation aims to ensure all members find a career which they earn a good salary and crucial enjoy the work they do. MF aims to have multiple complexes where veterans can visit, understand the private sector and use as a incubation hub if they are seeking to establish their own business.

The Foundation will be organising annual networking events where personnel can meet with private business, both SMEs and Multinational Corporations. The goal is for the Foundation to help members transition successfully into the private sector. Should they need support from a mental or physical need, the Foundation will support them.

The Mitmark Foundation actively seeks to recruit personnel from the military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Indeed Mitmark means Military to Market and thus wants to assist those transitioning from the public sector to the private sector Membership is open to all agencies and units. The Mitmark Foundation is different to other charities as it has a facility where injured veterans and leavers looking for new careers can come, be with like minded individuals and be ndation is a creation of Mitmark, which is a corporate intelligence and risk advisory business that actively on the journey on employment in the private sector


The Mitmark Foundation support and fund raise on behalf of military-oriented charities and has a facility where injured veterans and leavers looking for new careers can come and find employment, be with like-minded individuals and be active on the journey on jobs in the private sector.

The Foundation will utilise Client Relationship Management (CRM) software to ensure soldiers can use their Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) and other GOv grants on the most value add courses related to their ideal career


We provide an opportunity to raise money and awareness for, military orientated charities, though holding paid events to which the profits are shared between our supported charities. The Royal Air-force benevolent fund, Soldiers, charity and Hire a Hero If you would like for your charity to be part of our support society, please contact

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